Blade Runner tribute

I’ve tried to bring a little something from Blade Runner to this shot, watch it in HD!

[EDIT] Here is my 2nd version of it!


What have I learnt?

-to use ModelBuilder efficiently in Nuke.

-to place 3D card in an environment.

-to match saturation, illumination and shadow with my plate for a better integration.

– having too many Scanline Renders is really expensive in render time, I had to put a bunch of cards in only one Scanline , and get the alphas back afterwards.

What would I do differently?

I’ve released a first version of it, but I took more time afterward to reorganize my script properly and  improve few points like rotos, illumination, rain, fog and I added a rain drop just for the fun of it!


– If I had more time, I’d have put more neon signs, some 3D elements in the air, and  spots of light going all over through the plate!


here was my first version: